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March 30, 2020

Yes! Here is Some Good News! If you've been following our blog, and let's be honest, there aren't many of you, lol, you'd know that we created these blog posts to spread some good news and a little joy to anyone who sees them. 

Well, there isn't a television show that has brought me more pure joy then "The Office". Let's face it, these guys were part of something really special, a series whose humor has lasted the test of time and man it's still funny no matter how many times you watch it. 

So, it made me so happy this morning to see that John Krasinski shares the same sentiments that we do, and wondered just as I did, "Why isn't there a network made for just for good news?" 

If you haven't seen this already, check out the link below for John's first episode of SGN. Good stuff.

In closing, I just wanted to share our special connection to The Office. Having been based in Scranton, Pa for 30 years, we took pride in having some props available for the show way back in the beginning when props master Phil Shea would meet local business owners at no where other then you guessed it, The Steamtown Mall. It was a thrill every week to watch a new episode and see if a local company's banner, a t-shirt or logo made the show, and ours did! Just a few tiny spots, that if you blink you'd miss, but thrilling no less. Take the Season 5 finale, Company Picnic, where Toby is sporting one of our company hats at 10:17! 

Hope you enjoy the video as much as we did. Keep sharing your good news :) 

John Krasinski Launches YouTube Show Dedicated to "Good News" With Guest Steve Carell


The Green Scene Antiques Blog

March 28, 2020

"We all need each other." Leo Bascaglia

In the day to day of these most uncertain times, one truth prevails. We. All. Need. Each. Other.

Never, has this been more true. We are all witnesses to this testament, and living proof of it's effects. 

Although I pride myself on having a positive outlook, I have to admit anxiety has gotten the better of me this week, and I'm sure I'm not alone. Even under the best conditions, a coronavirus lockdown can start to wear on the best of us. 

Fortunately for me, I am surrounded through this dark time with a whole lotta light! My large crazy family, all 7 of us,  are able to be together right now under one roof. In addition, we share the love and companionship of our pets too :) 

It's no surprise that animals can have a healing effect on our minds, bodies and spirits and if  you're a pet owner, I don't have to explain this to you. Research shows the health benefits of pets, including reduced blood pressure, increased cardiovascular health, reduced anxiety, and a reason for outdoor exercise, all a welcome benefit right now, but who can deny the unconditional love they convey.

Recently in this country pet adoptions and fostering rates are majorly on the rise. Shelters have adapted their usual practices to include appointment-only and call-ahead adoptions, drive-up fostering and curbside adoptions, as well as online training and at-home volunteer projects (such as making pet toys). These are just some of the solutions being used nationwide to help care for vulnerable animals during the pandemic. If you'd like to read more on how you can help, adopt or foster a pet, or simply can use a short read to lift your spirits see the link below, and remember, we all need each other.  

Americans step up to help animal shelters by fostering pets during pandemic


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March 25, 2020

Good Morning! 

Mid-week and the inspiring stories just don't stop! Do you own a 3-D printer? Do you know a local high school or university that does? This is your chance to really make a difference. An opportunity to help save lives. Yet another way that we, as a country are rising to the occasion and I find it's a true blessing to witness the ingenuity and kindness of others. 

If you haven't already heard, there are many people worldwide voluntarily making free, biodegradable protective plastic face masks for healthcare workers fighting the COVID-19 outbreaks—and it’s all thanks to a small business in upstate New York.

Please take a minute to read the articles below. If you think that you know ANYONE that would be willing to help in this fight, there are free templates and assembly instructions available right now. 

I hope this message finds you well, and again, if you have any inspirational stories that you would like to share please let us know. If you have a cause that can use a helping hand, please pass that on as well.  We can all do our part by social distancing right now. This is a fact. But I've also found that the use of social media, now more then ever, seems to be filled with more hope and love then ever before: an opportunity to uplift the human spirit, and we certainly can use it. 

Keep sharing your good news, it's contagious. :) 

Calling All Makers With 3D Printers: Join Critical Mission To Make Face Masks And Shields For 2020 Healthcare Workers


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March 23, 2020

Good Evening! 

Well it's the third day of our blog and a brand new week full of possibilities. And on those lines, I'd really like to take a minute to share an interesting opportunity for those in need.  A new website is helping those who rely on tips get through the COVID-19 pandemic. I found that this trend is quickly spreading across the country, and it's something that you can share to help your local community. 

With bars and restaurants closed, except for take-outs, thousands of service industry workers are left without their usual income. These hard working individuals now find themselves trying to figure out how to pay rent and bills. 

Enter, Virtual Tip Jar.

I'm siting a few beneficial articles here, and if you follow the link you can add your city if it's not yet listed. However, there does appear to be other similar platforms, as cities adapt the software to meet their needs, such as It's also worth noting that this could benefit other service based industries such as hair salons. 

I really hope that this information will help someone, even in a small way right now. Be well :) 

Now you can tip your servers online through virtual tip jar


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March 22, 2020

Hello All!

I hope that you had the good fortune to get out and enjoy some fresh air today, possibly take in a walk with a friend, whether it be around the block or a hike in the woods with your four-legged companion. I did and I'm happy to say that I was able to share the afternoon with my family, including the newest member our retriever Zoey, who genuinely is the most happy to have everyone home!

In the midst of all the uncertainty right now, it was refreshing to see SO many people out and about. Talking. Laughing. Walking the dog. Just enjoying some time together. More people then we would ever see on an ordinary Sunday, or any other day for that matter, and it really warmed my heart. 

So on that note, and in keeping with our blog theme of spreading good news, here is a story that I hope warms your heart too. For those isolated right now, and without the ability to share time with their loved ones, as I did today, these uncertain times must feel scary & overwhelming. That's exactly what friends Jill & Sarah thought, but they took it one step further then simply feeling sad about it, they took action. Check out their inspirational story below: 

Two Friends Raise Thousands To Buy iPads For Nursing Homes So Residents Can FaceTime With Family


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March 21,2020

Hello all and welcome! This is our first Blog post, and although we LOVE all things vintage and have so much to share on this topic,  at this time amid the global pandemic we feel it would be a better service for us to share some local and worldwide stories of love and positive news that we have found emerging due to the coronavirus outbreak. As we find ourselves in this unprecedented situation, it's easy to feel overwhelmed and anxious, and we hope these stories can add a little light to your day and show the true beauty of humanity. 

If you have a story that has touched you and would like to share, please send it via email to or direct message us on social media, and we will add it our daily Blog post. We'd be happy to spread the good news.

Finally, to all the doctors, nurses and healthcare professionals putting their health at risk daily, we sincerely want to thank you. For anyone that is suffering directly or indirectly from this virus, we send you our love. Be safe all and stay positive!

I saw this first story on GMA and thought it was so inspirational.  See what happens when group of local volunteer tailors in one Georgia community ban together to share their talents:

Shortage of masks has volunteers sewing a supply for health care heroes amid COVID-19 crisis